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Electronic Documents:

Why Files Cross-species transplants;
Share Foundation Transplant Desk Reference.
Transplant FAQ. Xenotransplantation article from Sandoz
Pharma Transplant Square.

Boer, G. J., on behalf of the Network of European CNS Transplanta-
tion and Restoration (NECTAR) Ethical guidelines for the use of
human embryonic or fetal tissue for experimental and clinical
neurotransplantation and research; Journal of neurology 1994;

Ann Arbor, MI : Pierian Press, 1993. Institute of Biology. Response
to the Advisory Group on the Ethics of Xenotransplantation made
to the Department of Health. 1.4.96.

Gareth Page Tissue Typing for Beginners translated by Paul Norman.

Electronic publications:

Biliary tree (Biliary Atresia & Liver Transplant Network).

Bone marrow transplantation: affiliated with the European Group
for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (tables of contents).

Journal of heart and lung transplantation: official publication of the
International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (tables
of contents and abstracts).

Nephrology dialysis transplantation (tables of contents and abstracts).

Progress notes (Partnership for Organ Donation).

Transplantation: official journal of the Transplantation Society
(tables of contents).

Transplantationsmedizin: Orgen der Deutschen