Focus on Clinical Research

ROTRF Focuses on Clinical Research

The science of human organ transplantation
Dear Colleagues

The ROTRF is proud to announce that in 2014, it completed its mission and no further funding cycles are planned.

The ROTRF was launched in 1998 with the mission to advance the science of organ transplantation and improve the care and long-term outcomes of transplant patients. In its early years, the ROTRF mainly funded basic research in transplantation. In order to encourage clinical research, the ROTRF introduced specific clinical research grants in 2004, in addition to the conventional grants for basic research. Based on the success of this clinical grant award programme, exemplified by the "10th Anniversary Clinical Transplantation Grant Award Competition" in 2008, the ROTRF decided to concentrate its efforts on supporting research specifically addressing problems in human transplantation and having a realistic potential for clinical application in the near term. With this new focus in mind, the Trustees aimed to promote collaborative work between clinicians and research investigators and to support areas of clinical transplantation research that are currently under-studied, and which may open new research frontiers.

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