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Since 1998, the ROTRF has funded 278 projects with almost 54 million Swiss francs (over 59 million US$).

Geographical distribution of the applicants who submitted Letters of Intent (LOI) during the first twenty-eight ROTRF funding cycles. The total number of LOIs submitted per cycle is shown in brackets.

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Geographical distribution of the applicants who were awarded ROTRF grants during the first twenty-eight ROTRF funding cycles. The total number of grants awarded per cycle is shown in brackets.

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1. ROTRF Grant Awards

The ROTRF is committed to funding a broad range of transplantation-related research, with the ultimate aim of improving long-term outcomes for people with organ transplants. Our priority is to support clinically oriented research projects, such as observational clinical studies or studies that use human transplant samples for laboratory examinations. To be considered for a grant award, applications should have demonstrable applicability to human organ transplantation.

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2. ROTRF Project Extensions

Starting from January 2014, the ROTRF accept the submission of requests for Project Extensions. This new initiative aims at supporting ROTRF grantees, who are about to conclude their projects, to apply for a Project Extension.

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3. Joint ROTRF/JDRF Grant Awards

The Joint ROTRF/JDRF grant awards competition is now completed.
The Roche Organ Transplantation Research Foundation (ROTRF) has been informed by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) that the JDRF will no longer be participating in the ROTRF/JDRF Initiative.

JDRF is committed to its mission of curing type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research, and will fund a significant amount of type 1-related research this year; but the foundation has made a number of cutbacks in projects as a result of current economic conditions.

All investigators who have already been awarded a joint ROTRF/JDRF grant will continue to be supported until the planned completion date.

Since the launch of the Joint ROTRF/JDRF Initiative in 2006, a total of 2.5 million Swiss francs has been distributed in the form of grant awards to 10 investigators for projects in immunology and biology research relevant to pancreatic islet transplantation or transplantation solutions for human type 1 diabetes. The majority of these projects are ongoing and we look forward to the results from the research preformed in the coming years.

The ROTRF remains committed to its mission of supporting research relevant to organ transplantation also applied to the diabetes area.

The ROTRF wishes to thank JDRF for joining in the Joint ROTRF/JDRF Initiative over the past 3 years.