Grant Awards in Cycle XVII

Grant Awards in April 2007
Letter of Intent submission October 2006

ROTRF announces 10 grant awards for conventional and clinical research projects, and for joint ROTRF/JDRF research projects in funding Cycle XVII. read more >>

Principal Investigator  Project Title/Link  
1. Grant Awards in Cycle XVII   
1.1 Conventional Research Grants - Cycle XVII   
Dr Reza Abdi
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA  
The Role of Donor Dendritic Cells in Promotion of Tolerance  
Dr David M. Briscoe
Children’s Hospital Boston, Boston, USA  
The Role of the Vasculature in Transplant Rejection or Long-term Transplant Survival 
Dr Donna L. Farber
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA  
The Role of Memory T Cells in Transplant Rejection 
Dr Franck Halary
INSERM, Bordeaux, France  
Study of Cytomegalovirus/dendritic Cells Interplays in Kidney Transplantation 
Dr Angus W. Thomson
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA  
Regulation of Immune Responses in the Liver and Following Liver Transplantation 
1.2 Clinical Research Grants - Cycle XVII   
Prof. John Andrew Kirby
University of Newcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK  
Examination of Bile Duct Changes after Liver Transplantation 
Dr Richard S. Mangus
Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA  
Use of Extended Criteria Donor Organs in Liver Transplantation 
Dr Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo
Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain  
Impact of Hepatitis C Virus Infection on the Acquisition of Tolerance after Liver Transplantation 
2. ROTRF/JDRF Joint Grant Awards - Cycle XVII    
2.1 Conventional ROTRF/JDRF Joint Grant Awards - Cycle XVII   
Dr Jane H. Buckner
Benaroya Research Institute, Seattle, USA  
Induction of Minor Histocompatibility Specific T Regulatory Cells as a Therapy of Transplant Rejection 
2.2 Clinical ROTRF/JDRF Joint Grant Awards - Cycle XVII   
Dr Mark Howard Siegelman
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA  
Use of a Unique Marker to Identify Cells that can Control Transplant Rejection