Halloran Philip, Professor (Chairman)

Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology/Immunology
Director, Alberta Transplant Applied Genomics Centre
Alberta Transplant Institute
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

"The ROTRF was founded by a shared vision between transplantation scientists and Roche - the vision that research can improve understanding and outcomes in organ transplantation and extend the lessons learned to other areas of health care. The organization emphasizes high standards of peer review with an international mandate. The grants are designed to develop new initiatives and new insights relevant to the issues in clinical transplantation, creating opportunities for researchers in many countries. It is hoped that investigators can use these grants as the basis for competing for grants in their own countries, in that way directing new resources into transplantation research. ROTRF places a high value on innovation, on establishing new investigators, and on research that is directly applicable to problems in clinical transplantation. It is remarkable that Roche as an international pharmaceutical company has shared this vision and supported it so generously, and has repeatedly renewed that support.”
Bradley Andrew, Professor

Clinical Director of Transplantation Services
Professor of Surgery
Department of Surgery
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

"I am proud to be associated with the ROTRF in it's mission to support research in organ transplantation and am particularly pleased about the new focus on clinical transplantation and relevant underpinning basic science. The opportunities to advance transplantation science are now greater than ever and ROTRF occupies a unique position as a truly international funding body in organ transplantation. It is very gratifying to see the very high quality of research emerging from ROTRF funded projects, particularly by investigators who are still establishing themselves as the major players of the future."
Colvin Robert, Professor

Director, Immunopathology Research Laboratory, Department of Pathology
Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"Amelioration of human disease through transplantation of organs depends fundamentally on innovation and new knowledge. Discovery and translation of new insights in immunological mechanisms has been the major focus of the ROTRF since its founding. The ROTRF has been an agile and perceptive supporter of early stage research projects that have high potential to move the field of transplantation forward. I am pleased to participate in this superb organization as we concentrate on translational studies with practical clinical application in diagnosis and therapy."
Kirk Allan, Professor

Professor of Surgery, Scientific Director of the Emory Transplant Center
Emory University
Atlanta, USA

"The ROTRF is one of the most agile and responsive funding mechanisms available to transplant investigators. The use of a brief Letter of Intent minimizes the effort required of investigators and allows for focused project development. The organization is also exceptional in its focus on clinical transplantation and relevant immunobiology, and very adept and targeting emerging areas of interest. Importantly, the group is a careful steward of the endowed resources with an impressively low expenditure on overhead ensuring that the maximal amount of support reaches investigators. I am very happy to be participating in this group and see it as a model program on which future clinical funding initiatives can be built."
Opelz Gerhard, Professor

Director, Department of Transplantation Immunology
University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany

"During the last 10 years, ROTRF has evolved into a well known source of funding for organ transplant research. While financed by the Roche pharmaceutical company, the foundation has strictly scientific objectives and is governed by an independent body of scientists. Grant applications are reviewed by an international panel of experts and extreme fairness is the guiding principle for the allocation of research funds. With a focus on clinically relevant research, the foundation provides an excellent opportunity for young as well as established investigators to explore promising new ideas. I am gladly contributing some of my personal time to support this important investment in the future of transplantation."
Sánchez-Fueyo Alberto, Professor

Professor in Hepatology
Institute of Liver Studies
King's College London
King's College Hospital
London, UK

Remuzzi Giuseppe, Professor

Director, Department of Immunology and Clinical Transplantation
Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo and Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research
Bergamo, Italy

"As from the beginning I was impressed that a pharmaceutical company like Roche has taken as its mission to invest in peer reviewed projects which enable researchers and their respective institutions all over the world to develop internationally competitive programs. These programs will advance organ transplantation research which will directly impact the future of succesful transplantation research into improving patients' quality of life and patients' survival. By being a member of the ROTRF Board of Trustees, I am very pleased to dedicate a part of my time to this so important program which make above possible by funding the best and most promising applications on organ transplantation."
Borie Dominic, MD, PhD

Senior Medical Director - Immunology & Infectious Diseases
U.S. Medical Affairs
San Francisco, USA