Grant Awards in April 2014

Principal Investigator Project Title/Link
Grant Awards in Cycle XXIX  
Dr Agustín Lahoz
IIS-Hospital La Fe, Valencia, Spain
Assessment of donor liver quality/function prior to transplant
Dr Marc Martinez-Llordella
King's College, London, UK
Influence of HCV infection on the specific immune responses against donor antigens after liver transplantation
Prof. Vassilios Papalois
Imperial College London, London, UK
Improving Kidney Viability Before Transplantation - A Novel Approach Using Machine Organ Perfusion
Dr James Reynolds
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA
Understanding the macro and molecular effects of donor support protocols to improve the function of transplantable organs
Prof. David Rothstein
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
The role of regulatory and inflammatory B lymphocytes in kidney transplant rejection
Dr Candice Roufosse
Imperial College, London, UK
Tissue analysis of biopsies from the transplanted kidney in patients with antibody against their graft - is the antibody being tolerated or causing damage?
Prof. Megan Sykes
Columbia University, New York, USA
Tracking donor-specific lymphocytes in transplant recipients