Grant Awards in April & October 2008

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Principal Investigator Project Title/Link
1. Grant Awards in Cycle XIX and XX  
1.1 Conventional ROTRF Research Grants - Cycle XIX  
Prof. Leszek Ignatowicz
Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, USA
Origin and Allocation of Regulatory T cells upon Graft Rejection or Acceptance
Prof. Victor Laubach
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA
Prevention of Lung Transplant Injury by Adenosine Receptor Activation
Dr Andrew Luster
Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, USA
Chemokine-Mediated Control of Effector and Regulatory T Cells in Lung Rejection
Prof. Anette Melk
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Kinderklinik, Hannover, Germany
Overcoming Senescence Mechanisms Will Lead to Better Renal Graft Survival
Prof. Wei-Ping Min
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
Prevention of Organ Injury and Rejection in Transplantation
Prof. Andrey Sorokin
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA
Prevention of Virus-associated Nephropathy after Renal Transplantation
1.2 Conventional ROTRF Research Grants - Cycle XX  
Dr Ignacio Anegon
INSERM U643, Nantes, France
Analysis of Cells That Inhibit Anti-graft Immune Responses
Dr David Russell
University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Histocompatible Stem Cells for Transplantation
Dr Anna Valujskikh
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, USA
Alloantibody Production in Sensitized Transplant Recipients
Dr Barbara A. Wasowska
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Sialylated IgG Antibodies Inhibit Inflammation and Graft Rejection
1.3 Clinical ROTRF Research Grants - Cycle XIX  
Prof. Annette Boehler
University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland
Confocal Microscopy after Lung Transplantation: Specific Findings during Rejection?
Dr Diana Metes
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
Immune Cells for Therapy of Post-transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders in Pediatric Transplant Patients
1.4 Clinical ROTRF Research Grants - Cycle XX  
Dr Neal N. Iwakoshi
Emory University, Atlanta, USA
Transplant Rejection Mediated by Antibody
Dr David Neujahr
Emory University, Atlanta, USA
Predictive Modeling of Outcomes in Lung Transplantation
Dr Emmanuel Zorn
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
Characterization of Immune Cells Contributing to the Rejection of Transplanted Kidneys in Humans
2. ROTRF/JDRF Joint Grant Awards - Cycle XIX and XX  
2.1 Conventional ROTRF/JDRF Joint Grant Awards - Cycle XIX  
Dr Karen Dwyer
St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
Prolonging Pancreatic Islet Cell Survival following Transplantation
2.2 Conventional ROTRF/JDRF Joint Grant Awards - Cycle XX  
Dr Jacques Thibodeau
University Montreal, Montreal, Canada
New Immunological Avenues to Improve Allograft Survival
2.3 Clinical ROTRF/JDRF Joint Grant Awards - Cycle XIX  
Mr Paul Johnson
University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Optimisation of Human Pancreatic Islet Isolation