Research Group

  • A. Prof. Christopher Barry, Principal Investigator
  • A. Prof. Tony Godfrey, Co-Investigator
  • A. Prof. Anthony Almudevar, Research Associate
  • A. Prof. Charlotte Ryan, Collaborator
  • Dr Santoshi Bandla, Collaborator
  • Dr Matt McCall, Collaborator
  • Dr Mary D'Souza, Collaborator


  • University of Rochester, Rochester, USA


  • MicroRNA Expression Predicts Liver Cancer Recurrence after Transplant

This project aims to enhance current selection criteria for liver transplant for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma by introducing more precise measures of an individual's tumor biology. Such measures will improve public health by allowing better prediction of a tumor's clinical behavior, such as the potential for recurrence after transplant, and therefore result in a more rational allocation of donor organs and selection of appropriate recipients for transplant. A better understanding of a tumor's biology will also help direct therapies other than transplant, such as chemotherapy and other ablative approaches.

Progress Report

Final Report