Research Group

  • Dr Banu Sis, Principal Investigator
  • Prof. Andrew Mason, Collaborator
  • Prof. Aldo Montano-Loza, Collaborator
  • Prof. Anthony Demetris, Collaborator


  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


  • Molecular Assessment of Liver Transplant Biopsies

Predicting progressive liver disease following liver transplantation is a major unmet need. Histopathology is crucial to diagnose liver allograft problems, but is poorly predictive for outcomes. We aim to study genome-wide microarrays in a large series of liver transplant biopsies. Molecular profiling of liver tissue can develop an accurate system to predict progression of graft fibrosis and outcomes following liver transplantation for Hepatitis C virus infection and thus may guide antiviral therapy.

Final Report