Research Group

  • Prof. William Chapman, Principal Investigator
  • Prof. Thalachallour Mohanakumar, Collaborator
  • Prof. William Frazier, Co-investigator
  • Dr Gundumi Upadhya, Res. Associate
  • Dr Parvathi Balachandran, Res. Associate
  • Dr Vijay Subramanian, Res. Associate


  • Washington University, St. Luis, USA


  • Liver Preservation with Body Temperature Oxygenated Blood Circulation

Donor livers experiencing prolonged oxygen deprivation during their retrieval are unsuitable for transplantation. Given the current shortage of organs for transplantation, new and innovative strategies to protect these organs are needed in order to utilize them. Current methods of liver preservation rely on hypothermia to reduce their need for oxygen prior to restoration of blood flow in the recipient. We propose to circulate oxygenated blood at normal body temperature with a constant supply of nutrients during the preservation of livers in order to meet their needs for oxygen prior to transplantation.

Final Report