Research Group

  • Dr Scott Palmer, Principal Investigator
  • Dr Paul Noble, Co-Investigator
  • Dr Anil Potti, Co-Investigator
  • Dr Alice Grey, Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Duke Medical Center, Durham, USA


  • Role of Fibroblasts in Lung Dysfunction after Lung Transplantation

Lung transplant recipients have the shortest survival among recipients of commonly transplanted organs. Survival is limited by the development of a condition of airway fibrosis known as bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS). This research focuses on fibroblasts, potential key mediators of BOS after lung transplantation. Better characterization of the biology and genetic features of fibroblasts from lung transplant recipients with BOS should lead to new insights into the cause of chronic lung dysfunction and potentially identify new treatment to prevent fibrosis after lung transplantation.

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