CYCLE II – Submission April 1999

In the second cycle of Grant Awards, the Roche Organ Transplantation Research Foundation (ROTRF) received 149 applications from 25 different countries (see table below). The greatest number of research proposals was submitted from the USA (38%). Most of the European proposals came from Germany, England and France, representing together 31% of the submitted applications. Altogether, women represented 17% of the applicants.

The Scientific Advisory Committee of the ROTRF reviewed all 149 applications that had been submitted electronically on the ROTRF’s homepage ( The research proposals were ranked according to scientific excellence, originality and relevance to solid organ transplantation. The top 16 applications were invited to submit a full paper application and underwent subsequently a second thorough review by the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees.

The ROTRF Grants were finally awarded to nine applicants, 4 from the USA, 3 from Europe and 2 from Canada. They all presented excellent and very promising research projects (see abstracts on the following pages). Their research interests focus mainly on induction of tolerance, the developments of new agents and relevant immune recognition, regulation and effector mechanisms.

In this second cycle of ROTRF Grant Awards, 1.9 million Swiss Francs were disbursed in total.

Further information about the ROTRF, its charter, statutes and general organization can be found on the ROTRF homepage ( It contains all necessary guidance and instructions for applying to the ROTRF for funding. Any application for funding starts with the submission of a letter of intent directly on the ROTRF homepage.