Research Group

  • Prof. Hermann-Josef Gröne, Principal Investigator
  • Dr Peter Jon Nelson, Co-Investigator
  • Prof. Michael Fischereder, Co-Investigator
  • Dr Shijun Wang, Research Associate
  • Dr Elisabeth F. Gröne, Research Associate
  • Dr Clemens Cohen, Collaborator
  • Prof. Matthias Kretzler, Collaborator


  • German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany


  • New Treatment Option for Chronic Transplant Dysfunction

Despite the use of novel powerful immunosuppressants, the prognosis for long-term function of renal allografts has not improved considerably. By use of experimental genetic data and their application to human transplant tissue, it is intended to detect hitherto unknown pathophysiologic pathways that lead to chronic renal transplant failure and scarring of the filtering unit of the kidney. Based upon our animal data, we hope to show that slowly decreasing renal function can be halted by activation of master regulators, which are lipid-activated nuclear receptors that control the main pathophysiologic pathways leading to transplant failure.

Final Report